Monday, December 18, 2006

so I met David Lynch...

David Lynch was doing his publicity stunt thing at La Brea and Hollywood on a lawn in front of the church there. I believe it was Wednesday afternoon. I was walking by to get some lunch. There was a big Laura Dern banner - "For your consideration - Inland Empire" and the banner you might have heard about, "without cheese there would be no Inland Empire". Lynch is not referring to dairy production being the back bone of the area known as the Inland Empire. He told me that he ate a lot of cheese during the making of Inland Empire the film. "Are there cows in the film?", I asked, as I was petting a dairy cow that stood next to Lynch, who was seated in a director's chair.

"No, no cows."

"Is this cow from the Inland Empire?" I was inquiring about whereabouts this cow lived.

"No... no.."

Mr. Lynch was very nice. I believe that this was the second time he spent an afternoon at this spot with a cow and his banners as my friend Kendra had mentioned seeing such a spectacle a few weeks ago - she had no idea what it was at the time.

On my way home from the vegan restaurant - no cheese for me - I saw Lynch rolling up his own signs.. All in all this event attracted a small crowd, he was packing up before rush hour, so I'm sure the fans that heard by word of mouth quickly enough and got a chance to stop by were extremely excited for this opportunity to meet this cult director.

There is
video footage of Lynch's antics at La Brea and Hollywood the first time around here. I've not heard the sound on this video, my soundcard is busted. I wonder what Lynch is saying to these guys? Maybe you can tell me.

Tomorrow Night: The original Black Christmas and Silent Night, Bloody Night at
Grindhouse in Hollywood. Black Christmas director Bob Clark, who also directed A Christmas Story, is expected to be there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that David Lynch is a creative genius. And
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him on the late night talk circuit), he rarely talks about
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Consider those days over.

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idea don't swim on the surface, they prowl the depths of the
ocean (your mind) waiting for someone to snag them.

David has been deep sea fishing for 33 years. That is how
long he has been practicing Transcendental Meditation. He
says that it this daily practice that allowed him to catch
big ideas that live on the bottom of the ocean.

I have read it and I found it intriguing, fascinating,
revealing and eye-opening.

If you want know how one of the most creative artists of the
20th (and 21st) century gets his ideas and then translates
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