Sunday, December 10, 2006

the straight shit and horror on a budget - Fangs of the Living Dead (1969) $2 DVD

Ok, no more TV/video productions this semester or papers due. There are however, finals, but it is the last week. This weekend I had some free time and did not know what to do. I am not talking to one of my favorite friends, but others are being very nice to me or are being very hot/cold, so everything is very mixed up. I am open to talking to anyone right now, even the cracked out girl at the coffee shop who told me her mother was pursued sexual by Charles Manson and his big jar of pills, whatever those may have been. No, I did not give her my number, but I did talk to her for half an hour. Did you know that the Black Dahlia murder's most famous victim was found in the canyon next to my house? Well that was back when a freeway ran through the canyon. Actually I don't think there ever was a freeway there - the canyon is famous for being the only part of Hollywood that was never developed. To her credit, even this wacked out girl found the story to be full of holes.

Sitting at the cafe and starring at the wall for too long gives anyone license to talk to you.

Get yourself the $2 version of Amando de Ossorio's Fangs of the Living Dead. Sure it is fullscreen without even any pan + scan, but the picture is great and the price is just right. I think it can be found at K-Mart, I go a used, yet unopened copy, and it had a K-Mart sticker on it. Maybe you can find it at Rite Aid, though around here those are morphing into CVS's. I guess this movie is supposed to be a parody of gothic horror, but that was lost on me. Oh, I caught some intentional humor, but it did not seem much more goofy than say, Amando de Ossorio's Night of the Sorcerers from 1973, in fact it is far more impressive. It's no Fearless Vampire Killers, but Fangs of the Living Dead has got plenty of eye candy. Will it be the last movie me and my friend Kendra watch together? Time will tell, as the drama sorts itself out.

Over at The Horror Blog - the roundtable on everyone's worst horror moment of the year - which in almost every case seems to be a situation where the writers find themselves in the theater watching a movie that sucks dick. I missed the deadline so my moment is in the comments section - it was my embarrassment at taking Kendra to Night of the Living Dead 3D. I did not have a best horror moment of the year for last week's roundtable.


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