Saturday, December 30, 2006

see... this here review says the same stuff as mine on the subject of the new Black Christmas

I just found this review, it mentions the problems I had with the remake in a much more eloquent way.

"There are so many artistic miscalculations in the new "Christmas" that it would take until the new year to list all of them in detail."

Yup, and continuity errors too.

"Because the focus is entirely on Billy, there's no room for sorority characterizations. These actresses are barely distinguishable from each other (a common trait of today's new wave of youthful talent), and the filmmakers don't help matters by adding more and more characters to the mix."

Yup, clones...

"The remake also turns up the dial on the bloodletting, again for reasons that scream incompetence. Eyes are gouged, heads are used as ornaments on Billy's tree, and icicles, candy canes, and glass unicorns (one of the few references to the Clark film) pierce the flesh like a hot knife through butter."

Told you, totally fake...


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