Saturday, December 09, 2006

it's the brawl for all over at Louis Fowler's blog: Live Feed director Ryan Nicholson vs. bloggers- also, I hype that short I edited

Here is the story of the Live Feed controversy that originally started with a negative review from Louis Fowler at his Damaged 2.0 blog. The director of Live Feed, Ryan Nicholson, submitted his rebuttal, but things did not get ugly until Night of the Living Podcast threw in their 2 cents. I can't listen to these podcasts right now, busted sound card, but I guess they call Live Feed the worst thing they have seen - worse that another recent direct-to-DVD release, Fear of Clowns. Nicholson fires back in the comments section of the at Damaged 2.0 post that prints that original Nicholson response and a nasty exchange follows. Sounds complicated, but not really, all you gotta know is the word "pigfuckers" is used a lot.

Soon it will be old news soon, but I'd still love for people to
watch the fashion video I edited for the suicidegirls website. I think the main problem with it is that we don't interview any girls. We get Zoe in the dark, which is awesome, but hard to see in the flash version. What this video really needed was my interview, well the one where I'm interviewed. It's pretty irrelevant, but kinda nasty and would have made a great climax to the movie instead of some clown going "what's up suicide girls". You know, you gotta end with something "wacky". Zoe wanted my part in the final version, but it certainly would not do much to hype the line - it's an off-topic tale of an older rockstar - and this video is legit so probably did not warrant random shit talking.


Blogger Patrick said...

haven't been able to watch the video yet..

However, this shit talking tale reminds me of how Uwe Boll challenged a bunch of shit talking blog critics to a boxing match and beat all their asses. Pretty fucking funny.

3:15 AM  
Blogger warrenzone said...

yeah, I hated Uwe for a while, after seeing his first movie in the theaters, but after a while it got to be like beating a dead horse, well, until the horse got back up beat some ass in the ring!

2:13 PM  

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