Friday, October 22, 2004

Next Victim (1970)

I put this movie in a couple of nights ago, expecting something awesome. After a couple of scenes, a wave of disappointment hit me. I'd seen this movie before, under the misleading title of Blade of the Ripper. What's more, I remember that the movie frustrated me the first time around. Thirty or so minutes into watching my girlfriend said "This is not as good as the last movie we watched." I confessed at that time that I had already seen the movie, already owned it under the other title. By the way, this happens a lot, I'll buy a movie I've already got under a different name. I never read the backs of the movies, just the cover and the director's name.

wow, killer, it's true

We took the movie out, I did not want to see it again. This review might seem unfair, so I'll make it clear that I don't think Next Victim is a bad movie. It was better than I remember it and this transfer looked a hell of a lot sharper than the washed out Blade of the Ripper tape. Both versions are cut, so I've never seen the real film with all the nudity and violence. It's an Italian Giallo, so it's a little hard to follow, but the style is always more important than substance in these types of films. Perhaps, cleaned up a bit ( not in the censorship way) and presented in this entirety, this movie would be a genre fan favorite.

From Sergio Martino

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