Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Human Beasts (1980)

Wow, this movie has it all. As I always say, "they don't make them like this anymore". The movie starts art as a conventional spy thriller staring Paul Naschy as the mercenary who wants to love, yet can't help but betray his Asian fiance for a bag of diamonds. He is wounded in a resulting fire fight and wakes to find himself in a comfortable bed with two beautiful women looking over him. Their father is a doctor and it looks like Naschy has lucked out, but what are those pills they are giving him? The shocks start here and for a change I won't completely give them away. They involve bizarre sexual advances on unconscious Naschy, hungry pigs, the supernatural, and that's just the beginning. One of the craziest scenes I've ever watched involved the white doctor and the African servant, it's just too risky to shoot something like that today. I would not describe the scene as racist, but certainly exploitative and today's critics would freak out. I'll mention one more part, the scene showing the Halloween feast. It is revolting, funny, offensive, and makes a nasty point. This movie is packed with the moments that fans of strange horror watch hours of tape to find.

Human Beasts - All Seasons Entertainment

Paul Naschy also directed this movie. He is famous for his werewolf films and is one of horror's living legends. Yes, he is still alive. Human Beast was originally titled El Carnival de las bestias.

a review that gives the whole story away! since I did not do that this time, scroll down and to the right to find it... - The Mark of Naschy the Naschy fan site


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