Thursday, October 07, 2004

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (1974)

This Eurohorror classic is a mix of the expected and the bizarre. I'll break it down for you, and give away the whole film if you haven't seen it. Not that anyone watches these movies for anything other than the monsters, the classic beauties, and the blood that they shed.

My tape is a double-feature, guess what movie I'll be reviewing next..

Expected: This film stars the prolific Boris Lugosi... hey wait a second...
Unexpected: The movie opens with the villagers battling a tribe of Neanderthals that time forgot.
Expected: Dr. Frankenstein takes a dead Neanderthals body, with plans to re-animate it. The doctor's daughter, her fiance, and her lovely maiden friend arrive as guests at Dr. Frankenstein's castle.
Unexpected: Igor is having an affair with the head servant's wife.
Expected: As the maiden takes a milk bath, an unknown peeping tom spies through the hollow eyes of a painting on the wall.
Unexpected: One bath is not enough, the two women head off to bath together in an underground cave where there are craters full of steaming water. It looks like Mars.
Expected: The midget is watching from behind a rock.
Unexpected: Since he has been cast from the castle, the midget makes friends with a still living Neanderthal whom he teaches to rape and kill a village girl.
Expected: The villagers form an angry mob.
Unexpected: Dr. Frankenstien is in love with his daughter's friend.
Expected: So is the monster, who breaks free of his restraints. He does not last long and is burned alive by the mob after killing his maker and the living Neanderthal.

So there you go. I love gothic horror, so I was pretty happy here. It's rated PG. Funny what used to pass for ok. Nudity, blood, rape, molestation of a women's corpse during a grave robbery. Now you can't even see that stuff on TV.. whatever.

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