Tuesday, October 12, 2004

fat girl

So I'm at the gym and eager to get on the machines so I just turn the TV on to whatever channel. It's ABC Family and some tubby girl is drinking green vegetable shakes in order to turn thin. No food, just green shake, this is a good idea. It shows discipline and I approve of this diet for the obese, however, this green shake glows. Now I think I've discovered the teen-made-for-tv-sci-fi film of the year and am even more excited when we see the effects that show her tummy tightening and double chin fading away. Awesome. Then the opening credits to Smallville roll and I see what I am watching. Well it's good for a few laughs, that fat girl gets a date, but see also must binge like never before to feed the green monster inside of her. She eats a deer carcass after hitting the animal on an emergency race to the grocery store.

I hit the pool so I don't know how it ended. I've never watched this show before, never will again, um probably will again since I just wrote I wouldn't, and can only predict how the episode ended. Superboy would have to fight the eating machine. The girl will turn back to normal, sadly normal being fat, this is the USA. Her date will cancel, then reconsider. The date is back on, it's what's inside, deep inside the layers, that counts.

On the subject of Superman, I'm sorry to hear about the death of Christopher Reeve even though I was not a fan. Kerry mentioned him in the last Presidential Debate, as a supporter of stem cell research which I will not reveal my stance on. I'd said in the past about Reeve, that he had it coming with all the horse related antics, but I take it back, no one deserves injury of any sort. I understand why he might want to walk again and support some animal research that is questionable without a doubt, and in my opinion bad science.

This is not the political blog, so here are some horror links...

The Fright Site A well made site with comics and interactive parts, as well as written content about horror movies

Cinefear They make movies, also writing about the weird classics on this site

Horror-wood webzine About the weirdest old time horror film-makers, great articles

It's Only a Movie Tons of graphics, video box scans, screen shots, wallpaper, reviews, of the gore classics

Cult Cuts a horror news site, I am not as familiar with this one, but it looks good


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