Monday, October 11, 2004

The Mad Butcher (1971)

I saw this movie a few days ago and have been itching to write about it, but computer problems got me down. A big fuck you to all the spyware makers of the world, hope it never pays off and you end up homeless. Then we won't have to feel bad not giving the people on the street a quarter so they can buy some El Pollo Loco.

So The Mad Butcher is next on the review list, as you knew if you read previous columns, and I'm sure millions and millions did. In some relevant horror news, I caught the end of that TV movie or show Frankenstein on the USA network. Seemed like the movie Seven, a movie I never thought I'd mention in this retro journal. Now, back to the stuff only I care about!

The Mad Butcher is great because of it's star Victor Buono who actually has a comedy album out about being fat. I am going to find this record! Hopefully in a dollar bin, I do not want to buy the cd reissue. Here is the track listing.

1. I'm Fat 2. A Word To The Wide 3. Skinny Poems For Fat Lovers 4. Lard Lib 5. Someday When I'm Skinny 6. Fat Man's Prayer 7. Bless Me Doctor 8. You Don't Have To Be Fat To Hate Rome 9. I Am 10. New Gig 11. We're The Most 12. Fat Man's Prayer (Radio Edit) (As Performed On The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson)

I know this record is at Amoeba somewhere, perhaps they even have a tape, that would be more convenient. Victor is pretty funny in the movie, but no he is not insane!!, he has he release paper to prove it. He put it on the wall in the room above the shop. He's the best butcher in Vienna It is not bad that he watches the neighbor changing, (a black silhouette for us viewers at home) he explains it is a beautiful thing. Well there is more funny stuff in the movie than Buono's antics, see, the sausages he sells are made of the bodies he has to hide when he loses it and must kill. Guess what, people like these sausages better than any sausages they have ever eaten before. Way funny stuff, pretty basic. If you are not smiling now, you would hate this movie, cause that's all there is to it.

Now, before I saw this movie, I had a thrash tape called Mad Butcher by Destruction. Here are the lyrics to the title track.

Mad Butcher
A fire is burning in his eyes
his brain is in war and the evil will rise
his blood is black, it's scalding hot
now he's got to ramble,
he knows that's his lot

Through the Blackstreets of the town
his steps are clanging
now he's wanton, oh he's panting
in his hand a blade of solid steel
now it's the time you got to feel

Mad Butcher
He feels his driving, satifaction he need
she's watching you pussy, he will get his food
and when he arises you think it's a lover
but he likes strange pratices, you'll discover

You lie on your bed, your view real seems great
but instead of his prick,
he's drawing his blade

oh he's so tender, when he makes love to you
that you couldn't stand it,
it's a pitty for you

Pretty nasty stuff. Inspired by the movie? I think so. Destruction are a pretty good band. I heard they sold out and went death metal for a bit, but are back to thrash by popular demand. Their website is full of goodies.

Destruction's website


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