Thursday, October 21, 2004

Psycho Scarecrow (1996)

I looked around the internet for reviews of Psycho Scarecrow and could not find any. I got pretty worried, how would I be able to plagiarize any well written reviews if there are not any out there? Well a better scan turned up a few, so here we go, I can start now.

It's from the Sleazy Slashers box set. I was not sure that any of the movies in the box had been released prior to the set coming out, but I've found out at least two of them were.

proof that Psycho Scarecrow exists.. I guess...

My first impression was that this movie sucked. My second impression was similar, but I had some hopes since the cornfield was pretty creepy. In the end, I reached the conclusion, that this movie sucked. In order not to write a very long review trashing this movie, I will just make a list.

- the scare crow does not come alive for forty-five minutes
- the cop speak, between the detectives, was irritating, and just would not stop
- there are continuity problems, they are in the cornfield, then back in the city with their car, hiding in a wharehouse, but then exit to the country again with no ride, having to steal a pick-up truck from a local yokel
- the ending comes out of nowhere
- it sucks

All my points are irrefutable. If for some reason the items I listed seem fun to you, well you have not seen them on the screen, shot on video tape, with each scene going on and on...

for an other opinion, here...

Joe Bob Briggs review


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