Tuesday, October 05, 2004

the most hated horror sequels

As I prepare to watch Basket Case 2 I can't help, but think of the many horror sequels of the 80's that departed from the originals in ways that alienated the fans. Some horror fans hate all sequels, but a special hate is reserved for a select few of them. If the original is a fan favorite and then someone messes up the legend and takes the edge off of the characters in a new film, the people are gonna be pissed. I've chosen three that are universally hated, by myself included. All three are more cheaply made than the originals and it shows. But that's not the only problem. Lets take a closer look at these films, all listed on the IMDB's bottom 100 movies of all time.

Chud 2 - Bud the Chud

Well what was Chud 1? A mediocre horror film that is a video store staple. Has lots of name recognition and is a horror house hold name, if not a favorite. At least this sequel is not disgracing a masterpiece.
Was the sequel made by the same people as the original? No, not written or directed by the same people.
Do the creatures look the same? No, In Chud 2, there is, for the most part, one Chud. He does not look like a mutant, rather a man in face paint. The Chuds, when at the end there are more, act like zombies, not Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers. The USA box cover shows creatures similar to those in the first film, which is sure to make the person renting the film feel duped..
Is the movie less serious or less violent than the first? Yup, it's got dopey "hide the Chud" jokes. Wouldn't want Dad to know we've got a chud in our house.. The crazy teens steal a Chud from a government lab, for some dome reason, to cheat at school or something..
Was this the end of the Chuds? No, amazingly, Chuds appeared on a Simpson's episode when homer bungee-jumped into a hole. Of course they did not look like "Bud the Chud".

Troll 2

the Troll 2 box, nothing like that creature is in the movie

Well what was Troll 1? A movie from Charles Band, the producer of tons of 80's American horror classics even before he formed Full Moon. Great effects in everything from the Troll himself to the worlds and monsters he creates in an urban apartment building. If Labyrinth were a horror film, this would be it. There is even a song. Sonny Bono plays a swinger and total jerk in the film. Also stars Seinfield's Julia Louis Dreyfus.
Was the sequel made by the same people as the original? Nope. Troll 2 is an Italian production.
Do the creatures look the same? It is absolutely true that Troll 2 has no trolls in it. The monsters are Goblins who live in the town of Nilbog. They don't look like the Troll who is life-like and believable. Some of the goblins mouths do not move and none of their eyes move. These are some cheap looking foam goblins.
Is the movie less serious or less violent than the first? Um.. I'm really not sure if this is meant to be a comedy or not. The story of vegetarian goblins (who turn people into vegetables in order to eat them) has made it a hipster cult classic.
Was this the end of the Troll series? There is another Italian film called "Crawlers" that is sometimes referred to as "Troll 3". As far as I can tell it is about killer vines. Troll 2 is included on the 2nd side of the Troll DVD.

Ghoulies IV

see those fuckers, they are not Ghoulies!

What was the Ghoulies series? Also from Charles Band, Ghoulies was a successful Gremlins rip-off with small monsters raising hell. The original was a mess, with only the video box making it a hit (A Ghoulie comming out of a toilet), but Ghoulies 2 made the series a horror franchise. It took three ghoulies and made them home video stars with a rock video by W.A.S.P. to go with it. Ghoulies 3 - Ghoulies Go To College was the most fun with the Ghoulies drinking at the frat house, spying on sorority girls in the shower, and of course killing. The series was on the up and up.
Was the sequel made by the same people as the original? No, it was directed by Jim Wynorski, the man responsible for the abomination known as Munchie. Hold on, the movie does star Peter Liapis who stared in the first Ghoulies. Wait, he was not even a Ghoulie, he played a wizard, so who gives a shit?
Do the creatures look the same? No, they are not puppets, but two midgets in rubber suits that do not even resemble the three famous Ghoulies. They talk, as did the Ghoulies in pt 3, but these guys are not funny. On of them is supposed to be "black". In one scene in a clip from the first Ghoulies movie plays as a flash back. The two Ghoulies say something to the extent of "look, it's us when we were little". Yeah right, nice try, there is no comparison.
Was this the end of the Ghoulies? There were no more Ghoulies movies made. On a pleasant note, a couple of years ago I was at Spooky World looking through an exhibit of horror movie memorabilia. At the bottom of a glass case sat the actual shitty masks worn by the Ghooulies in Ghoulies IV. There was not even a card to identify them.


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