Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Alien Within (1987)

So I guess I've got a really rare tape here, The Alien Within.

This movie is better known in it's original incarnation, Evil Spawn, which is still in print. The DVD is hosted by Fred Olen Ray who is co-producer and co-director. His name is well known, but most of his movies fly well below the radar of even the most avid b-movie fan. You've seen maybe three of his films and never heard of about sixty. Super horror/science fiction fan Forrest J Ackerman has heard of Ray and makes an appearance in both versions of this movie. Now he's a well known collector of early horror film memorabilia, so he would feel right at home in The Alien Within/Evil Spawn which is a retread of The Wasp Woman. It's a classic story, with an eighties setting and plenty of blood and exposed female flesh. Evil Spawn is generally considered to suck, but my tape, as you know is different and actually has added scenes. These include new monsters, not just the bee monster, but a lizard man, and a hand puppet dog thing that escaped from a lab. These guys make the movie twice as entertaining, giving it a rating of 4 out of 10 stars.

Here is a fact from the IMDB about John Carradine's scene in The Alien Within

"John Carradine's appearance as "Dr. Zeitman" was a "generic" scene shot by Fred Olen Ray with the intention of dropping it into subsequent films. The dialogue uttered by Carradine and actress Dawn Wildsmith (Ray's wife at the time) makes no specific references to the film's plot, allowing it to be easily re-used."

A review of Evil Spawn

A review of Evil Spawn at


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