Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dennis Rodman

In todays retail adventure we were visited by Dennis Rodman whom I got to ring up. I dropped the ball big time, failing to locate two CD's that he was looking for. The computer said Wet Wet Wet was in stock, but I explained to him that it was not even worth checking on since the computer said it was received in 2001. By now it would for sure be MIA. Go West? Sure we have a couple of their greatest hits in stock. I went over to check the section, nothing but a "Go West" bin card and surely Mr. Rodman had already discovered that. Well, a call to the basement did not clear the mystery up, but at least our customer did not leave empty handed. His pics were Earth Wind and Fire, Bad Company, a DVD I did not inspect closely, and the new Duran Duran.

I saw the Entertainment Weekly with the Sarah Michelle Gellar photo spread that is inspired by Argento and Bava movies. I did not care for it. Guess I just don't like SMG.

I'm trying to get a copy of the new Fangoria to read in the breakroom at work and I think one is coming my way. If so I'll give the issue a scathing review here, whatever month it is from.

My girlfriend and I watched The Runestone (1990) and I was going to review it in the blog, but I've got very little to say. A movie from a time period when the horror genre was dying. Tonight I chose a really cool looking tape from my unwatched box to make up for what was a poor pic last night. Expect a review to follow. The Runestone's packaging did not look cool and I guess you can judge a tape by its cover.


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