Sunday, October 03, 2004

What is the horror blog?

Every time I see a movie I run to the internet to check up on it. What did other people think? After all, I can't form my opinions on my own. I've learned so much from people's comments on the internet. I mean where else am I gonna find an opinion on "Night of the Bloody Transplant"? It's not like I know anyone who has seen it. Do you? Sure the Psychotronic Video Guide might have a paragraph on it, but that's all I'm likely to find in the physical world refering to such a rare film. Fortunately the IMDB lists every film. Find a bunch of my shitty reviews there.

my reviews from the last 2 years on the imdb

That was my big contribution up until now. With this horror blog I can say more and include pictures of the box art, posters, plus add links and my own crude fan art. Rad! Yes, websites and blogs can include so much more. Also I will be able to document my life, which is made up of watching my growing collection of old vhs tapes (many O.O.P.!) and seeing every horror movie that hits the theaters. Yes I hate a lot of them, the new shit sucks, and I feel the need to express my hatred.

See me on the bloody-disgusting message board. username is warrenzone.


I've got a website of my graphic design, drawings, pictures, etc... don't miss it.

Anyway, now I'm giving more back to the internet. Besides seeing these movies isn't enough. We've got to obsess. It's a way of life.