Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Misfits Trilogy of Terror 10/31 Anaheim

To use a wrestling term, I'm a total 'mark' for The Misfits. I eat up anything they do, regardless of what incarnation of the band we are talking about. The current line-up is Jerry Only, Dez from Black Flag, and Marky Ramone on the drums. Punk purists hate this show with the vehemency that I hate horror movie remakes, but they are missing out. I say you gotta go see the Jerry Only put on a production that includes the Ramones big hits and Dez singing Black Flag songs. (Though this time only 'Rise Above') You gotta buy the American Psycho and Famous Monsters records. You gotta go rent all the horror movies they sing about on those albums... well... maybe not Boxing Helena, that should have been mentioned in my 90's bashing column.

I love it when people's feathers get ruffled, especially those of the cynical even punk rock elite. I mean, I wanted to see the Dead Kennedy's with Brandon Cruz, cause Dr. Know rock and let's face it, Jello is one of the least attractive figures in punk. I thought Greg Ginn's Black Flag reunion to benefit cat shelters was a great idea. I think Agent Orange, also playing as part this Trilogy of Terror line-up, have good songs that come even after their first album. So what if they are a bit more arena rock? I think that D.I., the first instalment of the touring trilogy, are punk legends. Would you really rather sit in the parking lot than watch them tear through a sick California punk set? Oops, that was me, I mean, I have one of their albums and all, but I really don't need to see a bunch of O.C. kids going off because they're all nostalgic about the first time they saw Suburbia. Yeah that's a little much, but I did watch almost all of that Agent Orange set, even though I'd seen them just a few months ago. 'Bloodstains' isn't even their best song, do yourself a favor and take a closer look at this band.

This is the Voice - it's still good!

So I've seen the reunited Misfits five times now and always left with a smile on my face. Jerry Only was dressed as Elvis, maybe for Halloween, or maybe he just dresses like that now. For Halloween night I saw very few costumes at the show. Corpse paint was in full effect though, with Dez wearing it as well. The place was not packed the gills. I saw a listing that said the Misfits had played a couple shows earlier in the month opening for Alice Cooper! I knew nothing about this, I think I would have gone into sensory overload if I'd been at that show. I have very few heroes and Alice Cooper is one of them. I got to meet him when I was working retail on Melorse and it's one of my favorite celebrity encounters. Thank God he was nice to me cause I'm not a very forgiving person.

That about wraps up my Misfits Trilogy of Terror blog entry. More punk shows coming up this month, since Orange County has got to be the punk capitol of the world. The Dickies are playing, The Exploited are playing, and T.S.O.L. are playing. I've got a love/hate relationship with T.S.O.L.. Divided We Stand is one of the few punk reunion albums I just plain hate. Jack Grisham running for California governor? Lame. Singing with the Kottomouth Kings? %^&*#&#^$!!! (By the way, that band features Brad X, former singer of the straight edge band Doggy Style that once inluded Minor Threat member Brian Baker. Things change...)

I've got all the T.S.O.L. records and I'm totally into the 80's rock ones with singer Joe Wood. Am I the only one in the world that would want a T.S.O.L. reunion with that line up?

"hit and run ... you might die today!"

the scoop on the other T.S.O.L. singer Joe Wood


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