Thursday, November 18, 2004

Blood Splash (1981)

Blood Splash is better known as Nightmare in a Damaged Brain which has got to be one of the best horror titles of all time. It's one of the UK's Video Nasties, 39 films actually banned in Britain and removed from video store shelves. I'd seen clips of all the gore and sex from this movie on the very violent, very old (in video years), Continental Video sampler, Terror on Tape.

Blood Splash

This movie is similar to Maniac, famous for it's Tom Savini effects. Blood Splash is famous for claiming to feature Tom Savini effects on it's box cover, when in fact, he did not do the effects for this movie. I've read conflicting reports on the internet, the truth could be discovered by me asking him myself how involved with the movie he was, but that will never happen. I had a chance to meet Tom Savani when I was working in a small shop on Melrose. I expected him to come in, since his business card was on display on shelf of artifacts behind the counter that had to do with one celebrity customer or another. He was in town for a convention, that I attended, but of course I did not line up to harass him there. I had my fingers crossed that he would come in and he did, but at the same time a whole bunch of my friends entered the store and started to talk it up with me. I was in a panic, I could not say "get out of here guys, that's Tom Savini and I wanna offer customer service", the store was too small and he would have heard me. I think I managed to get a "Hi" in there somewhere, but he was in and out in not time. His wife did talk to me for a minute though, saying that they had previously bought something there and Eddie Izzard wanted to get one of these items, I forget exactly what item.

"Did I know who that was?" she wanted to know, and I did not, I mean I'd heard the name, but she seemed pretty disappointed in me.

So Blood Splash, it's violent and disturbing.

The internet searches on Blood Splash turned up lots of fans calling it ultra-gory. What did you think?

As far as Blood Splash... it is nothing short of ultra-gory. One of the goriest films I have seen thus far. There are blood, guts, and cut-off heads flying everywhere. It is a masterpiece of it's kind. The twist at the end was also nicely done. It was a nice pick on your part honey! I love you!!! :)

Here is a list of the Video Nasties at Hysteria Lives!

This is who Eddie Izzard is. Careful, his page makes sounds.


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