Friday, November 12, 2004

top ten hardcore vocalists

So I'm throwing down a list of the top hardcore punk volcalists of all time. Yes, I've decided to start writing about hardcore in the blog (to Cub's dismay) and let me first tell you that my tastes in hardcore mirror my tastes in horror movies. For lack of a better term, I guess this sounds lame, I like stuff that is ... retro ...I hate the new shit!. The new styles in horror, as represented by Resident Evil, House of the Dead, and 28 Days Later, are not appealing to me. Without getting into detail, I don't like the stories, the special effects, the cgi, the villains, the humor, the (lack of) gore, or the general feel of any of those movies. Yeah, the whole package. You've seen the movies I write about here and you will see what hardcore I write about here.

a general definition, a specific definition, and my definition

Ok, I'm not living under a rock. I work in a record store, I read magazines, I hear stories. I know that bands like My Chemical Romance and From Autumn to Ashes exist. Here's another analogy. I also know that Sum 41, NOFX, and Strung Out exist, but when I mention 'punk rock' those are not the bands that I'm thinking of at all. Technically Sum 41 may be punk, I have yet to be given the authority to kick them out, and punk encompasses a lot of styles. Their style is called 'pop punk'. The hardcore bands I listed first, their style is called "metalcore". Metalcore is huge! It's taking over metal, it's merging with emo, it's turning the bands into glam rock stars! It's also dwarfed other styles of hardcore for years, but so what, I've still got my list.

10. Billy Milano - S.O.D. *

9. H.R. - Bad Brains

8. Paul Bearer - Sheer Terror **

7. Pat Dubar - Uniform Choice ***

6. Harley Flanagan - Cro-Mags ****

5. Raybeez - Warzone

4. Chris Doherty -Gang Green

3. Roger Miret - Agnostic Front *****

2. Peter Steele -Carnivore

1- Choke -Slapshot


* Crossover metal. No, I don't like metalcore, but I love when thrash metal and hardcore punk mix and S.O.D. did it first. Check out M.O.D. as well, Milano's band when S.O.D. was over. Still thinking about metalcore? It's a mix of death metal/European metal and hardcore, a totally different animal.

** Paul Bearer did it all before Blood for Blood, one of the scariest bands around today. Get the Sheer Terror records if that's your thing.

*** Awesome on the Unity record and awesome on the Love and Rockets type record 'Staring Into the Sun".

**** Controversial Entry! So 'Best Wishes' is my favorite Cro-Mags record and the reunion album, 'Revenge', sans John Joseph is killer. I'm the only one who thinks so.

***** I love AF, and I love street punk, so why don't I love their newest albums? They sound too much like Rancid.

The top hardcore singers! No, but a great list of my favorites. Let's just agree that it's the top hardcore list, and a unique list, I promise that.

Time for some links that will express my points about hardcore today.

See this movie that puts down the fashioncore genre. What is fashioncore? The metalcore kids wear eyeliner and women's jeans. If you could get in a time machine and tell hardcore kids in 1995 that they would be wearing that today, they would just shit. I made a comic about it once with the headband and jersey kids getting a visit from themselves circa 2002. It's funny, but you will have to take my word for it, I don't have a copy here in California to scan for you. Anyway... the movie in this link, I don't know who made it, don't have any info on it. It's funnier than my comic, it's that good.

Here is some crew, not fashioncore, not youth crew, just something to laugh at. Everyone else is doing it, however, don't threaten them like the kids who care way too much about hardcore do. That's sad.


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