Sunday, November 07, 2004

Night of Bloody Horror (1969)

This one is an all bizarro mania and more type of movie. I just through a bunch of weird words into that sentence and while on the topic of words, "night of", "bloody", and "horror", are probably the most common words used in horror movie titles of all time. This movie is a not run of the mill, though, as I mentioned, it's a strange trip. The poster, famous for it's outrageous and unsubstantiated claims, says it all.

wish I had this one in my collection

There are camera effects, strange cuts, psychedelic music, and one of my favorite tricks of all, use of that strange spinning spiral, associated with hypnosis and insanity. My favorite cut is from a pool of blood on the beach (from an axe wound), to an all red shot that is broken by a spoon. It's a close up of a bowl of tomato soup! Without giving too much away, since there is a twist on what I'm about to tell you, this movie is from the Psycho, Ed Gein, family of films. Recommended.

My copy came in one of those ten movie sets I raved about from Brentwood video. The package is called 'Curse of the Dead' and I'll go into more detail about it after I've seen more of the included movies.

Cub, you did better at predicting the movie than me. This is because I was sick right? I was too delirious.

yes I must agree darling that I did do a better job at predicting the movie, but has it ever occurred to you that I may be just THAT GOOD at knowing how horror movies work or that I may just be better than you or maybe equal to you :)

This movie is filmed in 'violent vision', was it too disturbing for you?

It was filmed in 'violent vision' and I loved it! It was certainly not disturbing to me. (cub lies! She hid under covers when a girl got a long needle stuck in her eye!) I enjoyed watching this movie very much and give it two thumbs up!

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