Thursday, November 25, 2004

Psychos in Love (1987)

I really think this movie aims to be deliberately annoying. It's main technique would be repetition. The same lines, shots, and scenarios are repeated over and over, sometimes for several scenes in a row. The director says on his website, "You can either love it or hate it. Either way, I take the blame. "

Psychos in Love

Me, I loved it . Stupid, stupid lines, and tons and tons of killing mixed with scenes were they do nothing remarkable at all, like go to the store to rent horror video tapes.

The director, Gorman Bechard, is still around. His
website. Beware, it makes sounds.

Good to see that this guy is still around. You can download the Psychos in Love theme MP3 at his site. Put that on a mix tape for your girlfriend.

It looks like someone put together a theatrical version of Psychos in Love.


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