Wednesday, January 05, 2005

To All a Good Night (1980)

Christmas may be over, but the decorations were still up at the sushi place we ate at this evening. Plus most lazy families won't be talking their trees down until the fifteenth or so... What I'm saying is that this holiday horror review is totally appropriate. The film, To All a Good Night (get the X-mas reference?), is directed by David Hess, star of Wes Craven's Last House on the Left and Ruggero Deodato's House on the Edge of the Park. In both movies he plays a sadistic rapist, which does not sound all that impressive, but something about his convincing performances has made him a cult star. Also, he's number 5 on my 'top horror actors of all time' list... as all you loyal readers surely know!

This is the only movie Hess ever directed. It's clearly got a limited budget, they had no money for lighting, so the night shots were shot when the sun was still up. Otherwise it's a competent film with decent gore, an obvious twist, sorority girls, and a killer Santa.

My tape looks like this, but has a pink border. I was excited to possess this rare video, but upon opening the clamshell case for the first time, found that this was a bootlegged copy. Closer inspection revealed the box art to be a color photocopy. Tape quality was barely adequate, the dark scenes were just brown/black fuzz.. oh well.

Let's see what our corespondent, the Cub, had to say.

Cub thanks for joining us. So, did you think the girls in the sorority were kind of slutty?

Yeah, so the girls were slutty, but what do you expect... innocent sorority girls? That would be a first. The sleaze is also what makes the movie so entertaining. Too bad this movie did not have any gorgeous women that are typical of the 70's genre. The cast could have been a whole lot better if you ask me.

Did you like the airplane propeller death as much as Warren did?

The airplane propeller death was the best part of the movie hands down! Guts flying everywhere! The ending of the movie was too predictable. Maybe I just watch way too many of these horror movies that nothing seems to be a surprise anymore.

Thank you Cub for your insight.


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