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Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (2004)

In some houses the Superbowl is a television event. In others, the opening ceremonies of the Olympics are a big deal. I got a call from my girlfriend about fifteen minutes into the Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys premier on the Sci Fi channel. "You better be taping Puppet Master...!"

"I am. It looks really cool."

"You'd better not watch it without me!"

"Oh, no, of course not, the sound is turned down..."

It would not be fair to her if I watched it alone. The Puppet Master series is our favorite. I even wore a Full Moon-issued Blade costume for our first Halloween together.

Yes, I have one of these. It looks cooler in real life, this model has the hat pulled down too low or something. Obviously they don't make these anymore so it's gonna be hard for you to get one just like it's gonna be hard for me to get the costume they made of Torch.

Conflicting schedules made watching the movie impossible before we left for a Christmas trip to Chicago. The anticipation built and built until New Years Day. With holiday festivities behind us, we could finally put on the tape.

And then.... wait, I'm not finished building up the hype. I was not the only one who had waited for this movie. The horror community had been waiting eleven years. Yes, 1993 was the year Full Moon first mentioned the idea of a crossover between the Puppet Master and Demonic Toys franchises. Then what? They made other movies, bad movies. They kind of went under for a while. Full Moon upset the distributor (Paramount), by cooking the books. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but eventually Full Moon came back to life and just a little over a year ago this movie was mentioned again. Sci Fi would put up half the money if Full Moon would cover other half. Well Full Moon didn't have the money, the project was canceled again. Then Sci Fi went a head without Full Moon, though Charles Band is still credited and Full Moon regular Ted Nicolaou directs. Some of my details may be totally off, but you get the idea, this movies was long awaited.

Big disappointment! At least TV movies are free. I think the main problem with this movie is Corey Feldman as an old man, the puppet master in this movie. Feldman is not an old man yet. In this movie his old-man hair looks like a wig from Spencer Gifts. His old-man voice is equally unconvincing An internet search showed me that some horror fans liked this campy character. Well I didn't.

If you've read this blog before you know that I like to drop little stories about meeting the stars. I did not meet Corey Feldman, though he came into a store I worked at twice. Unfortunately I was working at the satellite store down the street both days, but I was there when his pregnant wife came in to buy Corey his birthday present. How did I know she was his wife? She told me.

Here is the pic that was floating around the internet years ago to promote what was going to be the Full Moon movie of Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys. Torch is not in the movie that was actually made and neither is the demonic robot. I thought that the puppet action in this movie was just fine, though I read that production was rushed and they did not get to do any stop-motion animation. Some of the puppet action in the previous movies was better. This movie featured advanced Cyber Puppets for the final battle, which sounds like an absolutely awful idea, but was actually kind of cool. An unused plot for Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys involved someone buying the puppets on ebay. Seriously. One scene in this movie did feature computer hacking, which someone probably though was pretty cutting edge.

Time for Cub's segment.

Were you sad that your favorite puppet Leech Woman was not in the movie? Is Leech Woman just your favorite because she is a girl?

Yes, I was very sad that leech woman was not in the movie because she is the coolest puppet and yes I do favor her because she is the only girl. Plus, how she came to be is sweet, don't you agree?

Cub speaks of Puppet Master 3, where the origins of the puppets are revealed. Leech Woman was Toulon's wife.

How come you liked the scenes with Corey Feldman more than the scenes with the puppets?

I did not like the scenes with Corey Feldman! There was way too much of him in the movie and not enough puppet action. That made me mad. We want to see the puppets kill and not watch some ex-child star actor perform.

Why did you root for the Demonic Toys? I thought you were a puppet fan!

I am certainly a puppet fan and am behind the puppets all the way. The demonic toys were a disgrace. Long live the puppets (go leech woman!)!!!!!!!!!

I do like the Demonic Toys, though the first Demonic Toys movie sucks, skip to Dollman vs. Demonic Toys to see Baby Oopsie in all his glory.

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