Thursday, January 06, 2005

Night of the Sorcerers (1974)

From Amando de Ossorio, maker of the four Tombs of the Blind Dead films, this movie is pretty forgettable. It is of interest to horror completists and those who like to see women bound and whipped, though the amounts of gore and nudity are not excessive. For horrors this one's got leopard-vampire women and native zombies wearing large masks.

While the Blind Dead movies have extended slow motion shots of the Templar Knights riding their ghost horses across the country side, this movie has similar shots of the vampire women leaping through the jungle and making snarling faces with their fang-toothed mouths.

xx Unrelated horror news! xx

I read use the message board at, but rarely do I agree with or care about anything in their features or news sections. Well in December Mr. Disgusting wrote a piece that I have to say is dead on about the greedy techniques the major studies use to take advantage of horror-addicted fans.

Find out about the ratings board, uncut DVDs, and the process of "double dipping"

Despite a proposed boycott of this movie by Mr. Disgusting, I went to see Darkness anyway. Dimension studious butchered it by removing the gore and leaving massive plot holes. See what problems they are going to pose for horror fans in the future

By the way, Darkness is one of my picks for 'least favorite of 2004' along with the new Stepford Wives and Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow.


Blogger Patrick said...

It's not just horror movies either..

The movie execs have finally figured out that they can release a version in the theaters and then release a 'special edition' and make even more later.

Of course most of the films they do this with are Lowest common denominator garbage with no soul and no character anyway..

White Chicks.. American Pie.. and all those jock comedies

I read something, I think it was in the Utne Reader, about how the MPAA is nothing more than adult censorship.. but you can be sure most of the movies coming out now as pg-13.. aren't fighting against the censorship..

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