Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Naked Vengeance (1985)

This movie is like I Spit on Your Grave with a higher body count. The rape scene is shorter, but still pretty nasty. Elderly parents and an unlucky boy are blown away right afterwards, so I suppose the need for revenge is even greater. Yes we are treated to a castration and it's just about as sick as the bathtub scene in Grave. Other scenes reminded me of Straw Dogs. This movie's only crime is being derivative. We could debate weather these rape/revenge movies empower or exploit women, but that's been done to death. I doubt I could shed much new light on the matter. I tell you what I do know. This movie is fun to watch.

The box cover makes it look like there are two girls out for revenge, but it's the same girl in two outfits!

In L.A. there is a video rental place, Mondo Video I think it's called, that actually has a Rape/Revenge section. There actually are quite a few films in this genre. If you think that's fucked, well remember that it's healthier to watch this type of movie than it is to watch reality TV. All those Americans who get their little thrills from talking about what Paris Hilton did, or hearing about 'tossed salad' on Oprah, would probably be shocked by this shit, but they are the real deviants.


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