Friday, January 28, 2005

Terrifying Tales (1989)

What is this? An 80's-looking mysterious tape that I've seen in sale bins time after time. The description on the back is vague. There are no pictures showing scenes from the movie. I never picked it up until recently winning it on ebay. Could it be that I feared the horrors within? Or... could it be that a sixth sense was telling me that this was a bizarre tape. A tape few would enjoy watching. A tape that sucks.

Collectors note: Often I take a digital picture of my copy of the tape to post with the review. Well, if I find a good shot of the tape on an auction site, and the cover is the same, it saves me time to just grab that image. Well this Terrifying Tales box is different than mine. It's the version I've seen most frequently in stores. My tape has a science-class type skeleton on the cover (holding a noose) and a slightly longer version of the quote about the FX.

Three short films, three different directors. The credits role after each film, which is unusual for a horror anthology, so I felt like I was watching television shows. The last film was quite dull and won't be discussed here. The first film is pretty bad, but features all of the good effects. Space ship models, a model town (actually not a good effect), and a monkey on life support. This monkey looks neat, and moves, it's not a stuffed prop. When the first film ended, I was not sure what the hell had happened. I could say the same about the third film, but as I put it before, I'm not discussing that one. The second film, that one is ok.


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