Sunday, January 23, 2005


Most of the time I tell personal stories to illustrate a point, or to give background information as to where my opinions are coming from. Well forget about that, because this story I'm just telling because I'm happy. I know, I know, stories of misery are more fun, but please read anyway. I swear one crappy thing does happen to me towards the end.

So we were sitting around Saturday, feeling crappy, but not too crappy cause we would be leaving for our vacation in an hour. Newlyweds was on MTV and we were munching cereal and soy milk. The TV couple was down about being followed by fans and photographers and they planned a getaway. Before they could say where to, Cub and I both shouted, "Palm Springs!". No we had not seen the episode before, we are not total losers, but it's just so obvious where cool California people go to relax. Nick and Jessica were off to Palm Springs on the show and Cub and I were on packed to go there for real. What a coincidence? Well we are that fashionable.

I still don't drive so the ride was pretty painless for me, although we did go through some of the most boring parts of California. The scenery became more impressive towards the end of the journey where the mountains meet the desert and fortunately that's also where the KROQ signal fades out. For some reason we tortured ourselves with that shitty station most of the way there, kind of like how we were watching MTV for a good chunk of the morning. Cub had a game where I had to say what band was playing each song that came on. Since I work in a record store I should know them all! Yeah, it's an easy game. I know so much about music that I really don't care for. I have such a wealth of information inside my brain and that's why I write this blog to share with all of you.

Annoying stuff went down, like finding a hotel, but we got one. Then we were off to Native Foods as a treat for Warren. This is my sometimes favorite restaurant, a place for vegan feasting. On the first birthday Cub and I celebrated together, mine, she treated me to Native Foods in Westwood. This year we continued the tradition at the local Native Foods in Costa Mesa. It was tough to find the Palm Springs location. It's in the back of a strip mall, but it's also the most formal of the three restaurants. Everyone there was a senior citizen, not scenesters or new age ladies, like is typical of the two Native Foods we had visited before. You don't order at the counter, rather they have waiters bring the menus to your table which is candlelit. The meal was great and the deserts were huge. One more good thing about this restaurants, is that even at this more formal location, they still had up animal rights posters and literature. In fact they have their own Native Foods signs about being vegan for ethical reasons. It's awesome.

Back at the hotel we went swimming. The pool was warmer than the one at our complex has been for the past few chilly weeks. I get a strange feeling of euphoria when I swim and I got even happier than I had been at dinner. Back in the room we chose to order The Grudge on the TV system for $12.99. It's not on DVD yet, so that seemed like a good deal. We both liked it, but agreed that the Japanese version is better and scarier. The original never lets up for a second. It is so packed with ghosts that it almost made me vomit in the theater. I'd say watching it is more like psychological warfare than enjoying a horror movie. I did have a few nasty nightmares last night, so the American one did get to me at least a bit.

Cub was asleep before the credits were down rolling, but I watched a little more TV. Wicked buff guys were breaking baseball bats with their bare hands. Others blew up hot water bottles with their mouths and it was explained that when they popped, they would get lacerations on their faces. I though this was really sick and cool. These guys had me say a prayer along with the them. I don't usually watch shows like this, but I'm reading a couple books about religion right now, so this was right up my alley.

In the morning we headed to the cable car that takes people up the mountain. At the base we saw that lots of people had sleds and skis. What gives? We'd been up there before, but this time it was total mayhem. The trails were covered in snow so no one knew which way to go. People were stomping off in every direction, and sledding down anything that resembled a slope. Unfortunately, the mountain men took advantage of the situation and were able to massacre a bunch of the visitors. We made our way off towards a secluded part of the forest to put some distance between us and the agonizing screams of the slaughter. It was here that I proposed to Cub and she said "yes". It is true love.

Cub at the site of the proposal.

We headed home since it would be hard to top what had just happened. We were so happy that we got confused and took the loooong way home, almost going back to Newport Beach via Los Angeles. We went through every city in Southern California and my luck ran out. A cop car pulled up beside us and I made the mistake of looking at the officer. God knows, people hate being looked at. I got a ticket for not wearing my seat belt in the proper manner. Yes, I was wearing a seat belt, but evidently not in the right way and now I have a court date in a city I've never been too. It does not matter, they can't bring me down, I'm way to happy.

More reviews coming soon, including Drive-in Massacre and the mystery that is Terrifying Tales.


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Blogger Novice said...

Congratulations, Warren. On the blog, but especially on the engagement. I've been married for almost four years. It's a great time. Spouses rock!

8:15 PM  
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