Sunday, January 23, 2005

House of Psychotic Women (1973)

The is an A++, 1st rate movie. Some people don't like it. Do they call themselves horror fans? What we've got here is the Spanish equivalent of Deep Red. A movie with all the characteristics of a giallo, except that it isn't made in Italy. Here is a run down.

strange lounge/jazz soundtrack... check

Artistic surreal scenes... check

surprise killer... check

very strange people... check

lots of female victims... check

zooming in on deaths and blood... check

you gotta see it... check

The only trait missing would amateurs trying to figure out the mystery. The cop is the one who figures it out, while in other giallo films an ordinary civilian often discovers the identity of the killer.

The box art is ok, but misleading as usual. I found this poster image on the internet and like it a little more.

This movie stars, and is written by, Jacinto Molina, aka Paul Naschy, number four on Warren's list of "top horror actors..."

A decent review of this movie at - this site has forums where you can interact with four different actors who played Jason in the Friday the 13th series.


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