Monday, January 10, 2005

Night of the Howling Beast (1975)

Stars Paul Naschy, number four on my 'top horror actors of all time' list. He's been mentioned several times in this blog already. Why? Because he sure can pick the craziest movies to star in, or in this case, can write the weird script as well.

An expedition to find the Yeti in Katmandu is ambushed by the henchmen of a sadistic warlord. Naschy, who traveled ahead of the group, is already a werewolf, a good werewolf, who must rescue the survivors from the castle. Yes there were evil werewolves before, two sisters whom Naschy had to kill, but don't worry, he did have a three-way sex scene with them first.

from Super Video, no Yeti, just werewolves

My favorite scene (here comes a spoiler!), and probably the favorite scene of most genre fans, involves the warlord's cruel mistress. She has been trying to cure the nasty soars (or ebola) on the warlord's back. The mistress strips down a captive girl, chains her to the torture rack, and slices all the flesh off of her exposed back. Then she puts this large flap of skin on top of the warlord's soars. A transplant! Also, I might add, she dies from an off-screen sword-to-the-vagina death.

The verdict: very good! Thanks for reading!


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