Wednesday, August 02, 2006

you can see the "Snakes on the Brain" video from Snakes on a Plane now!

Remember I wrote about this fifty posts in a row. Well the video has had on on-line premier today at and there is gossip column about it written by Jeanne Wolf. The video that will play on their site in flash so it loads quick and easy, but if you want a higher resolution version or want to see Larry's older Captain Ahab videos, get the quicktime files at

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I don't know who took this picture, I have a bunch of pictures on my hardrive for making the website, but this is a great picture and it shows the dancing girls from the video. The girl in the orange shorts is our roommate. In between her and the girl in the red thong (the one who is in the video the most), you can see little blonde-haired Cub peeking out. Hopefully you recognize her from the reoccurring 'Cub Speaks' column in this blog, if not, you have not been reading 150 Days of Sodom enough. Don't go reading our old reviews now, they suck, but stay tuned for the future and better writing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might get in trouble, so we will just keep it a secret, but I think I will have to say you're friend Shannon is the hottest girl in the video(excluding your fiance of course)

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching this video and I think that the girl in the orange shorts is a real knockout.

7:47 PM  
Blogger toyrobott said...

i liked the snakes. but they did scare me:(

11:51 PM  

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