Friday, August 11, 2006

where are the Hobgoblins now? also, I get pissed once more about those who rip on everything that is not a big budget studio picture...

So the Retromedia DVD intro to Rick Sloane's Hobgoblins, features a drive-in segment by Fred Olen Ray (yes, of Scalps fame and a clip from Alien Within/Evil Spawn is shown) where a girl frenches with of the Hobgoblin puppets from the movie. What the hell? This means the Hobgoblins could still be out there - and they are the only necessary ingredient to making another Hobgoblins movie. Who owns them? Does "creature fabricator" Kenneth J. Hall (the guy who wrote Puppet Master, directed Evil Spawn, and helped operate the Ghoulies) have them? Could I rent them? Or did Charles Band steal them and auction them off on his road show?

If the Hobgoblins are sitting in an old film vault, gathering dust, then I say we free them for another go round, this time with more dirty sex. I'll put up the money for this!

By the way, you may have guessed, most Hobgoblins detractors are from the lame Mystery Science Theater crowd... who only like big budget sci-fi and superhero movies - and they are obsessive dorks about these things. Always critics, they would never make their own shit, for fear of ridicule from their own kind. Check this quote from an MST3K fan online, doing what he does best, bitching about the release of Simpson's boxsets that do not have matching artwork.

"But DVD collectors prefer consistency to progress, and the Mystery Science Theater 3000 series has been a lesson in consistency so far that Fox Home Entertainment for instance should do well to emulate: the latest two volumes in Fox’s Simpsons DVD box sets are so completely different to previous ones that fans raised quite an outcry and rightly so: just how are the latest box sets supposed to look nestled to the previous ones on my DVD shelf?"

Who gives a shit what your collection looks like?! You stupid fanboys will never contribute shit to the world of film, bad or good. Just waste your life and watch the same Star Wars movies over and over.


Anonymous larry said...

the best posting i've ever read. Fuck stupid fanboy dickheads, they think only low budget stuff is exploitation, when they should focus on Lucas and his fucking assrape franchise that unabashedly rapes everyones face repeatedly.

Fuck I hate those shit fucks

6:40 PM  

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