Thursday, August 17, 2006

could Visitor Q have saved JonBenet Ramsey's family?

Family life in America is a mess. Family life in Japan, as shown by Takashi Miike's Visitor Q, is far more nurturing. Sure it has it's rough spots, the first 3/4 of this movie plays out like part of Katsuya Matsumura's All Night Long series, but in the end the family comes together. The members show compassion for each other. The son plans to resume his studies. Such is not the case for the family of the late JonBenet Ramsey. She is dead, and whether or not John Mark Karr in Bangkok did the deed or not, it is her family who killed her. Their American ideals were perverted as they paraded the little girl about on the stage. Their family home videos are more sickening than the any video in Visitor Q, (the movie is shot on video - and contains lots of video footage taken by the father in the family - it may be the best shot-on-video movie ever made) yet some people think that those dress-up pageants are magical. Patsy Ramsey is dead and it is no surprise. Murderers always get theirs in the end. John Ramsey lives. Will he find a way to kill his surviving son Burke? My prediction - there will be another dead Ramsey soon. Visitor Q never visited to "destroy" their family. They could have been saved, but maybe not in America.

If my thoughts on Visitor Q seem incomplete it is only because my Netflix DVD was scratched and I missed a few scenes. Speaking of missing, some of the "Snakes on the Brain" video was supposed to show on CBS news tonight, but it was bumped due to Ramsey family news. Was the truth spoken during the broadcast? Not likely. John Mark Karr takes the focus of off the real issues. Americans, look to the Yamazaki family in Visitor Q to find the ways to turn your home life around.


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BOTH usa and japan families are really determinated becouse of that kind of consume culture and its thats an interesting point...

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