Friday, August 25, 2006

the new populist politics of 150 Days of Sodom

In the past this blog has put forth controversial views. Abortion is bad, meat eating is bad, etc, but now the views expressed will be of the sort that no one can disagree with as you may have noticed in my last entry. Today we are sticking up for the little guy and saying to hell with the elite. Bush is now unpopular in the polls. Well this is clearly because he does not give a damn about the people. Fire the bastard!

The troops. They are the average Joe, just like you and me, sent over to do a dangerous job by politicians safe in their Washington mansions! "Support the troops, bring them home", well I had my own controversial twist on this saying changing it to "Support the troops, bring them home, before they do something horrible and damned to burn in hell forever". Maybe I should have spread that saying around because not too long ago we had that incident where in Iraq some troops raped and underage girl and then killed her and her family. They did everything but fuck a dead chick! No seriously people, I understand now, it is not the troops fault, but George Bush's fault for putting the troops under stress. Who can be blamed for acting irrationally in a time of stress? These troops saw some of their friends die and this war is supposed to be set up so that only Iraqis die. Bush obviously screwed it up and it is only logical that this fucked up situation would drive a man to rape and murder and possibly to ponder necrophilia. That is the only rational response.

If you find yourself disagreeing with me, you ought to look at who's side you are on. Are you a tool of the wealthy Hollywood leftist cause? Just because I live in Hollywood does not mean that I'm out of touch with the good Americans in the midwest.

I have not forgotten about horror movies. The last couple of posts have been about industry matters and I do believe these stories are relevant to horror and film fans in general.

I don't like the sound of this My Name is Bruce movie. Bruce Campbell playing himself in a horror comedy where he is forced to act like Ash? Sounds like it's going to be full of insider jokes to make the horror fans feel smart. Nothing brings people together like a joke that you feel you are gonna get, but others won't understand. Well guess what. Everybody knows fucking everything about Evil Dead. You all ain't special. Fuck you.


Blogger Patrick said...

With any hope it might be as good as Pauly Shore is Dead.

I enjoy self concious humor by those who realize they are typecast beyond hope.

9:39 PM  

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