Monday, August 07, 2006

"I feel bored like all the time, 'cause there is like nothing to do," that's what the kids are saying - read about what is up

I read this wicked relevant article in the paper this morning. It's about media today (the film industry, TV, myspace, ipods, whatever) and the target demographic made up of teens, particularly teenage boys. Those in the industry might know all this stuff, but it's a good overview, a good summary, of the state of the world.

Way behind the times is me with my vhs horror library and my next review will be of a movie recently released as a restored DVD. Here is an image (thank you CULT cinema) I found of a scene that particularly blew my mind. Can you guess the movie? I've got this on tape, but I'm not one of the lucky collectors to have the double-feature big box version from Continental Video, packaged with The Slayer. That is your hint. I'll post a review later today.

Image Hosted by

The face moves too, the lip curls, it's not just some rubber head. That's some far out shit!


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