Sunday, October 02, 2005

take your MST4K and stick it!

Don't you hate when you are looking up a movie you've just enjoyed watching and you find a smart ass little reviewer (on a site like imdb or yahoo - that allows user reviewers) saying "this film is begging to be MST3K'd". I'm talking about those little bitches in the corner of the screen and their fans who are like the kid who comes over to watch the wrestling pay-per-view and has to keep remind you the wrestling is fake.

No fun for me, but some of you need these guys and maybe I should live and let live. I don't think so, these snobs suck dick. Let me quote one for you. "This is another one of those horrible horrible movies that are only good if you watch it on Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you watch this movie without seeing it on MST3K and listening to the bots rip it apart then you are in big trouble my friend. The movie is a lame excuse for a monster movie. Complete with cheesy (and i mean really cheesy)special FX, horrible acting, and ridiculous plot line. You have to wonder if some of these movies were made intentionally for MST3K because it is so horribly bad that it makes you wonder how the directors sleep at night."

That's from Slipmud95 on the imdb (the word 'slackergod' is in his e-mail address) on Lamberto Bava's not-too-awesome Devil Fish which I believe really played on Mystery Science Theater. It's a bit of a dull Piranha/Jaws rip-off, but surely it deserves a review where at least one specific example from the movie could be mentioned. Still, I suppose 'slackergod' could be working on making a much better movie himself. In fact the '95' marks the year he started penning the script for his Reality Bites sequel. Don't worry guys, he will be done soon! Now he's been giving the movie a Royal Tenebaums feel so it will be just as derivative of other Wes Anderson movies as Devilfish was of Jaws. I'm just teasing, I like 'slackergod' and hope one day that he does get a letter back from his idol, the smart movie maker, Quentin Taratino.

Wait no, Quentin Tarantino, and Slipmud 95 are not birds of a feather. Check out this Tarantino quote.

"Laugh when its funny, not to prove you’re superior to the movie. Just Give yourself to the movie. Then at some point in the film you’re realize that you really fucking care about these characters and you’ll ask yourself when did you start to fucking care. They’ll sneak up on ya."

That from an
article about Tarantino hosting an all night 80's horror marathon. Found via Blog By The Cemetery.


Blogger jon said...

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11:58 PM  
Blogger Curt said...

Warren, totally agree. I despise the whole MST3K mentality.

9:11 AM  
Blogger warrenzone said...

that 2nd comment by curt, is actually A REAL COMMENT, as you can see I've been getting hit hard by the spammers. It's not just me, I've seen this on all the other blogspots.

10:09 AM  
Blogger kalisekj said...

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2:31 AM  
Anonymous grant said...

holy shit those spam blog comments are annoying. i have a "site that pretty much covers... [fill in the blank]."

this is what happens when hick business people (vacation dealers, roofers, online casinos, work from home scammers) get access to the internet! NO MORE HICK SPAM!

8:59 AM  
Blogger Curt said...

Warren, go to your blog settings and enable word verification under comments. That kills a lot of it.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

I don't mind MST3K so much. It seems to bring a lot of attention to the films I loved while growing up.

The first one I ever saw (I just happened to be walking past a tv that had it on) was the treatment of The Crawling Hand. This was a favorite movie of mine as a kid, and I have to admit I was pissed because I just wanted to watch the film and those damn bots kept talking over it.

As the concept grew on me, I found it less annoying, and it reminded me of the local horror hosted "Creature Features" that were so big when I was a kid.

I, of course, have a deep fondness for these films, and am slightly annoyed when the only exposure someone has had to them is the MST3K treatments. After all, these are movies I took quite seriously when growing up.

I'm told that there is a MST3K series out with the movie (sans bots) on one side, and the MST3K treatment on the other. I would be interested in this, but don't think I would ever buy just the treatments alone (I actually bought the Crawling Hand episode I mentioned above, but don't watch it much because of the editing, and the bots can really kill the mood.)

I also think the MST3K cast has at least some reverence for these films. Their "Satellite News" page seems to be a sincere tribute to the actors, directors, and producers of the genre. Unfortunately, I don't think some of the fans of MST3K harbor the same respect.

7:03 AM  

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