Saturday, October 22, 2005

Satan's School for Girls (1973)

First a little bit on info on who is coming to read this blog. A lot of you are horror fans, naturally. Other people come here from search google after searching terms like 'scenesters' and 'fashion' which makes sense because I cover the scenester pop culture from time to time. I even venture into political movements when they offer some entertaining or controversial ideas.

There is one keyword I'm sick of getting hits from, the term 'moshzilla'. I wrote
an entry about this internet phenomenon that everyone was talking about in perhaps January or February of this year. There was a funny pic of a girl dancing at a hardcore show that was made funnier after countless kids took the image and photoshoped it onto pictures of famous events or basically anything. Things got funnier when the girl's parents threatened to sue, but today I think I can say that it is time to let moshzilla go. The joke is getting old. Hardcore kids love their inside jokes a little too much, anyone remember the 'Rick ta Life on a horse' picture or the Atom and His Package Youth of Today cover? How about the band Good Clean Fun? Yes, these are jokes that are only funny if you are a hardcore kid in the know. I'm sure this makes a lot of people feel superior and connected to a super exclusive scene, but drop this one. I should not still be getting 20 hits a day from people looking to read about what I wrote about moshzilla. That shit is dead.

Satan's School for Girls is a made for TV movie brought to you by producer Aaron Spelling who I guess has been around forever, proving today that the old will never give up their grip on popular entertainment. Did anyone see that article in Rolling Stone about a year back about who is responsible for breaking all the new rock/pop stars? Old and uncool, but very rich and powerful people are choosing for all of you which bands you should see on your MTV. They won't retire. How could they give up their money and power?

This movie is good, but not great. More info in the Cub Speaks.

Cub, internet research after watching this movie turned up two shockers. One, this movie was made four years before Suspiria. Two, this movie was remade in 2000 with Shannen Doherty staring! What do you think? (Note: the new version is not available on vhs or dvd)

I am surprised that this movie was made 4 years before Suspiria (my all-time favorite movie).

What held this movie back, because it's not an awful movie by any means, is the lack of splatter, since it was made for TV. What do you think, add some Technicolor blood and we would have a keeper?

This movie was good but I have to say that even if there was Technicolor blood, it still would not attain Suspiria superiority. It is in a league of its own. Argento is in a league of his own!

Cub, as a psychology major, how did you feel about the way the psych teacher was portrayed?

The psychology teacher was obviously portrayed in the stereotypical dull, stern, narcissistic male role of the Freudian type. But it was the 70's so I don't blame the way he was portrayed... psychologists have come a long way cub!

If the teacher had a lab full of bunnies in a maze, instead of a maze of mice or rats, you would say "set the bunnies free!", right cub? I don't think animals should be used in research, especially in the schools.

I would free the bunnies. I agree that animals should not be used in research or school settings, that is why I saved our little Buns from the torturous life of being a school bunny. (note: we adopted a bunny that a school was giving away, at first he would not let us pet him, but after improving his conditions, diet, and giving him supervised freedom and attention, he has become extremely affectionate)
He loves his life with us! He gets to roam the entire apartment. I love Buns!

Once again Cub, you figured out who the villain was before I did. Good job Cub. It's always the one you least expect who turns out to be the devil.

I always know who the villain will be, cub. I am just that good!


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