Thursday, February 10, 2005

internet sensation - moshzilla

You know how stuff gets passed around the internet and usually it's a bunch of crap, but I'm not gonna pretend that I'm above this, after all, this is a website. Over the past few day, maybe longer (I just heard about it yesterday) people have been laughing at the 'moshzilla' picture. My friend went to a message board (trustkill) to get technical help with his I-pod, and the moshzilla pics were what most of the posts on the board were about. The picture, it appears that there is only one original, shows a girl tearing it up in the pit, allegedly at a San Diego show. Since then, billions of photoshop parodies have appeared on message boards across the web.

A website sprung up, then got shut down, see why... at

Yeah, I guess the girl is threatening a lawsuit. Word is that there was a lot of mean talk along with the pics, name calling and what not. Now the parodies are hard to find online. I saw only a fraction of them.

the original - but look at how generic the hardcore kids in the back look. I see a Terror t-shirt, I bet there were at least 30 of those at that particular show. One time, several years back, at Big Burrito in Boston I saw three kids come in, all wearing In My Eyes t-shirts. Two had on the same shirt, one had a different one, all the t-shirts were blue. There are more bands in hardcore, it's been around for years, but I guess the sheep mentality rules. You can see an In My Eyes shirt in this picture, over on the left.

Hardcore kids, back into the fold! From me, I love my stupid graphics!

The moshzilla photoshop pics, I seriously laughed my ass off. Some can be found here, at least for now.

here is one moshzilla pic that some kid made

My blog here is all about moratoriums, and I'd like to place moratoriums on some words in hardcore. "Posi" and "Crucial" are words that have been said to death, and that's why people keep saying them, to get people to role their eyes and deliver a cheep laugh. I like bad jokes, but not overkill. It's like shouting "Freebird" at a Shellac show, you think it's funny because it's not funny, but it's just not funny at all. Know what I'm saying?


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