Sunday, February 06, 2005

Playroom (1990)

I'm not want to pick at continuity errors or rip on bad acting, but this movie really asks for it. Christopher McDonald's decent into insanity is not really a descent, it's instantaneous, and annoying. I don't really get why the imaginary boyhood friend of the main character is dressed in 90's fashion, in an oversized t-shirt and ripped jeans. He would have been wearing 70's clothes if they had got it right. Also, are we to believe that the drawing he made as a child would still be lying on the monastery floor? Half a lifetime later?

No one will care if I spoil the end of this movie, so here goes. In a weird way, the monster that shows up, really looks like that silly drawing I was talking about. Cub said it looked like Yoda. It's movements reminded me of creatures in The Dark Crystal. Did Frank Oz create this strange being? No.

Playroom directed by Manny Coto

By the way, I'm watching the Super Bowl and I just heard music, by one of the those Depeche Mode-Cure-by way-of-The Strokes sounding bands. I believe it was the Killers, singers of another song, "Indie Rock & Roll". At least, I think that song is ironic.

Let's talk to Cub about this movie.

I thought the playroom was quite horrible. The little kids I see at the preschool are better actors than the individuals in this movie! The main actor was horrid and could not have exaggerated himself anymore than he did. The monster was even a disappointment, and that says a lot. The only cool thing about this movie was the idea of the monastery and the playroom, with all of the torture devices. Aside from this there is nothing worth noting.


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