Sunday, February 13, 2005

Netherworld (1992)

The director and writer is David Schmoeller, who brought us three of the best Charles Band/Full Moon movies, Puppet Master, Crawlspace, and Tourist Trap. He also made Curse IV, which I was unable to sit through, but maybe I'll give it another shot. Fortunately, this guy was not around for Full Moon's downfall (about 2000 or 2001) and did not get stuck making crap like Deathbed, The Killer Eye, and Vengeance of the Dead. All Grade 'F' films.


Netherworld is one of those straight to video movies that could pass for a film that played on the big screen. Full Moon put out a bunch of these solid, higher budget movies, when they were in their early 90's prime. Unfortunately they pumped out too many movies as the decade continued, each one looked cheaper and less thought out than the last. By the year 2000, they were releasing movies that were shot on video. I guess if your movies cost nothing to make, it's hard not to make a profit off of them, but Full Moon lost a lot of fans and just about all of their credibility. Charles Band changed the name of his company to Shadow Entertainment, allegedly because he personally felt that the movies were not as good.

While Netherworld is well made, I did not care for it that much. They went out on a limb with a strange story, and I respect the risks that they took, but I was left a bit confused and more than a bit ambivalent.

Cub what was the flying hand all about?

I think that the flying hand was out to turn all the "bad" guys into birds, which was their punishment for being jerks. Some became canaries, others cardinals, while some even became parrots (hence the scary one at the end, although it was the best part of the movie).

Did you think that sex scene with the ice cubes was wicked hot?

The ice cube sex scene was steamy, I must admit! Don't be mad baby :)

How did you know I liked that parrot monster? You said, "you like that don't you." I did, I think the parrot puppet should have got a lot more screen time.

At this point in our life to you think it is surprising that I know what you like and don't like, come on..... of course I knew you'd love the evil parrot scene at the end.


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