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Thanks again to all the other blogs out there who link to here. Still, my number one referrer is buddyhead.com with their medication mp3 blog. Now, over to the left you can see a link from Technorati that says 'blogs that link here' and will show you some of the ones that do. I'm not sure how that works, it 's not complete, sorry.

Over at a website I don't frequent, ign.com, they compiled a list of the
Top 10 Sickest Movies. While I recommend that you read their list and the notes at their site, lets go over them here. My personal accounts...

10. Irreversible - I've not seen the whole film, but my old roommate played for me the fire-extinguisher beating scene for me on his massive windscreen television. It did not blow my mind, to dark and fast moving for me to make out the details, or maybe I was sitting to close to the large TV.

9. Men Behind The Sun - I won't watch it because of the famous cat-killing scene that people seem to want to believe is fake. I have however seen I remake of it called Laboratory of the Devil from 1992. That movie had a scene where the arms of rotting corpses are being torn off and you can tell me a thousand times that it's special effects, I'll swear to you that it's the real deal.

8. Murder-Set-Pieces - Some say this 2004 movie is nothing, but shocks. The reviews are very bad, but weren't some of the great exploitation films of the 70's merely just an excuse to string together scenes of violence. I must see this movie.

7. Salo: 120 Days of Sodom - I went to a double feature, this movie and Santa sangre. After Santa sangre Cub and I had lost our appetite for the bizarre and for movies in general. We split. I'd heard that this movie is nothing but depravity. Recently I have become interested in seeing it.

6. Ichi The Killer - Does not belong on the list, though the shot where the opening title letters rise from a puddle of semen is very sick. To IGN.com's credit they say "As it stands, this film is often quoted as the sickest film ever, but usually only by people who haven’t seen the rest of our Top 10."

I'm of the position that the shot where the man is cut in half the long way looks awful and fails as a gore effect.

5. Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood - They claim that this is the most notorious of the Guinea Pig movies though it is the only one I have not seen. Mermaid in a Manhole is on their honorable mentions list and I must agree, that movie is fucking gross. Picture an artist painting with the puss from the wounds of a dying mermaid. It's nastier than it sounds.

4. Cannibal Holocaust - I've mentioned this movie many times in this blog, always mentioning the issue of the animal killings. Those killings are what I think have held this movie from greatness. Even the most cynical, nihilistic, gorehounds appear to be turned off by them.

Here is a rumor about this issue that I found on the bloody-disgusting board, written by user SlasherIndex:

On the fact of the animal killings, I've read that it was of the Producer's decision and not Deodatos. In fact, the Producer is the one who shot the footage and Deodato wasn't even on the set. I think its Lenzi on Ferox who shot the animal murders and regreted it on the DVD commentary. As for Deodato, he wasnt even there. And i do believe the deaths are no different than watching something from National Geographic. Are they exploiting the process? Maybe, but it wasnt like it was glorified as in "killing animals is good", they ate the animal. This is what these people do in these tribes and have been for thousands of years. You also have to look at the meaning of this... First the filmmakers kill animals to eat them, and then they themselves are eaten. Its a moral lesson, so when it comes down to it, it proves a very powerful point with a possitive message. It wasnt meant to be just a shock film, no one spends that huge a budget to shoot a gorefest. This was shot to be a very serious film, and of course, its became very misunderstood.

As for the other cannibal movies, I would say some of them are equally as violent as Cannibal Holocaust. Cannibal Ferox, for example, but I think one cannibal movie can represent the entire genre for this list.

3. Cutting Moments - A 1997, 29 minute film from someone named Douglas Buck. I've never heard of it.

2. Aftermath - Another short film. This one by Nacho Cerdà, accused of filming the Alien Autopsy because this movie shows an ultra-realistic autopsy. I'd like to see it.

1. August Underground’s Mordum - A sequel by Fred Vogel to his original August Underground that only a few years ago were said to have been seen by less than a hundred people because the world would not be ready to handle it. I don't know, but I will find out.

Then the IGN drops a bunch of honorable mentions that pissed off everyone on the two message boards I saw feedback about this list on.

Honorable mentions: Scrapbook, DeadAlive, Visitor Q, Hellraiser 2, Mermaid in a Manhole, Nekromantik 1&2, Kichiku, Cabin Fever, Audition, Land of the Dead, Pink Flamingos

The horror movies that you've heard of on that list should not be there. Sure they are all good, but this is not a list of great timeless horror classics.

Seriously, if you think the sickest movie ever is Dead Alive or Saw or something, you've only scratched the surface. Movies can go much further.

These people (
one/two), according to a message board, have seen just about all these movies on the list, which is an accomplishment for sure. Let's hope they have not lost it.

What about my honorable mentions?. I'd like to add the Hong Kong movie The Untold Story. I rented that and was watching it in a roomful of people. During a particularly brutal moment, one kid, a house guest and emo type from Wesleyan University, got up and said "I can't watch this shit!" He stormed out of the room and was not seen for the rest of the night. His girlfriend stayed and watched the rest though. He must of felt like a pussy when she did not get up to go find him until after the whole movie was over.

The other honorable mention I'd like to put forth is Buried Alive, aka Beyond the Darkness, aka Buio Omega from Joe D'Amato. People swore for years that it must have been a real corpse that is used in the scene where a body is dismembered and thrown into a bathtub of acid.

What the hell, I'll mention Splatter Farm as well. One of the Polonia brothers shits a butcher knife. There is also anal fisting, off screen, but we see the shit-smeared arms. Sorry I had to mention that... There is another noteworthy death in that movie, but I'll keep it a surprise for you guys who are trying to track a tape of that movie down.

Stay tuned, my next post will be a review of the very rare Video Murders, which is for sure one of the worst films that I've ever seen.


Blogger Patrick said...

I knew you would mention splatter farm!

Did my comment about the Suspiria remake not get posted or did it get deleted?

6:04 AM  
Anonymous tyson said...

Irreversible is fucked. The openening sequence is bad, but the 10-minute rape is, for me, unwatchable. As a whole, watching the movie is a pretty harrowing experience. As a non-fan of gore, the only other movie I have seen on the list is (predictably) Ichi The Killer, which I can't remember much of. I do remember that cum, though.

5:25 PM  

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