Tuesday, October 18, 2005

don't support their bullshit (once again)

So the new Fog sucks and nobody liked it. Yay! Well "It opened up number one!" you say. Unfortunately yes, but this blog post at about.com puts it in perspective.

With an $18 million production budget, the remake of John Carpenter's 1981 horror picture will likely be profitable for Sony, but it's no The Grudge nor even a Boogeyman. It's on par with the melted House of Wax and below what has come to be expected for a major horror movie in October. The original, considered a disappointment for Carpenter at the time after the success of Halloween, grossed $21.4 million, which would equal over $50 million today adjusted for ticket price inflation—a figure the remake will fall well short of.

A lot of people say, "well the original Fog was not that great, so I don't mind them trying to improve on it". A true point is made that this is not sacrilege on the scale of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, but I would still argue with people who make that statement. This remake culture weak and lazy. Who dares wins. The studios are conservative and know than can make an easy profit of a remake, what with nostalgia and all, but they never make history. It's horror stagnation.

I'll take a sequel over a remake any day. Dawn of the Dead, the remake, was barely ok. Land of the Dead, the sequel, was phenomenal.

Let me tell you this. I did not go out and see The Fog! That would have a total waste of time and money and insult to me easily offended brain. Supporting it is supporting stupidity in the name of horror. If you buy the DVD you do double the damage you would do seeing the movie in the theaters. You nerds don't have to buy every horror new release and then replace it with the next special or anniversary edition of the same movie that will come out down the line in the following months or years. Don't be a chump, buy a reissue of something obscure and learn something that every other douche bag studying the Firefly family history does not already know.

Think of the video selection in the stores a few years down the road. Do you want multiple copies of The Fog and Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes taking up shelf space where classic Mario Bava and Larry Cohen films could be?

Skip the Fog, here are some random quotes from the
bloody-disgusting review board:

hunter daniels: i walked out, and i never walk out of movies. it was just painful.

Firstperson i:
This was the worst movie I have ever seen at the theatres! This movie has nothing at all going for it, I can't see how anyone could like this shit. We need to let hollywood know this shit needs to stop!

The thing i don't understand is why the people who said that they dont like the movie went to go see it. I kinda knew the movie was not going to be good so I stayed home. Sometimes I think some of you guys want to complain and cause drama for the hell of it. Well I have said my piece.

That last one rings true to me. I'll still cause the drama, but I won't be supporting what I'm complaining about financially. Last year I went to too many movies in the theaters.


Blogger toyrobott said...

yeah, so the fog i could not get into. Virgin Chris loved it though.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i got advance screening tickets to this.

and i still left early

11:35 AM  

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