Tuesday, October 11, 2005

witchfinder video staring Cub and Dallas

This video has sound, so TURN IT UP, I did not use a boom mic and we've got
lots of white noise. You are lucky I even used a tripod. Once again you have to press play to get this video going.

If I run out of bandwith see the file here at Putfile.

Not working? YOU PRESSED PLAY? Ok, then go watch it at Putfile.

Can't hear some of the dialogue? You're lucky. All the important bits can be
heard so don't sweat it. Once again this was an assignment I handed in unedited
with all the raw footage. It was edited for the internet. The music is by Jim
Paterson from mfiles.


Blogger Patrick said...

I didn't see a 'No Buns were hurt during the filming of this production' disclaimer..

I'm going to have to boycott it

6:58 AM  

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