Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas in the trenches!

I'm pissed because my new favorite movie, and the next movie that I'm going to review here, Christmas Evil, is screening tomorrow for free in the town that I live in. As seen in the OC Weekly (read this!), a publication I hate, but grab many copies off to absorb the piss and poo bits that come from my pet Bun Bun.

Puppetmaster vs. Demonic Toys is coming out on DVD from Anchor Bay on 1/17/06, a little too early for next years Christmas. Really, we are lucky we this movie is being released at all. Read
my review of it from last Christmas.

oh no

Last years Christmas posts...

review - To All a Good Night directed by David Hess

X-mas bedtime story -
Last X-mas Down the Way - Break out the soy eggnog for this new holiday tradition!

What's next?

this... I have not seen it.

The future of X-mas? Santa's Slay, trashed by bloody-disgusting.


Blogger Patrick said...

Is this what happens when the jews control Hollywood.

OK-- bad joke


10:12 PM  

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