Monday, December 26, 2005

you know I love my readers!

Out of the past 100 readers, 28 have come from the search engines. I always say that it's the quality of my readers that counts, not the quantity. Well, sadly, the quality varies. Here are some of the search terms that brought people here.

the good

5 hits for warrenzone blog or warrenzone - These are the true fans coming to my blog. Another good set of terms I like to see listed, bloodbath horror blog.

the relevant

2 for argento third mother
1 for gobbly gooker
1 fear beef bologna mp3
1 horror movie against george bush - Though there is no such movie.
1 movie crystal force
1 movie satans school for girls
1 poison idea november 2005 jerry a - That search has too many terms in it, good luck man.

the bad

1 blood dripping html codes for myspace
1 south park characters myspace
1 sexy scenesters - I really am starting to regret some of the articles I wrote.
1 vegan straightedge basketball jerseys - They don't make these anymore, it's not 1995. Now it's vegan straightedge eyeliner you should be searching for.
1 siskel and ebert bizarre skit - what?
1 first night warren - unkown, First Night sucks anywhere.
1 preteen - yuk - not here man! You should watch the movie The Woodsman.

Merry week-after-Christmas!


Blogger Patrick said...

dont ever do this! you can never escape it-- soon every reader will be an illiterate(yes i know) mexican looking to pimp his ride!

9:11 PM  

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