Friday, December 09, 2005

All Night Long (1992) Katsuya Matsumura

First this: Feedback for my short horror movie (on-line!) is remarkably positive. I would post some of it here, but that would bore you, besides, I think some people are lying to me. Tell me that it sucks, and I will post what you wrote.

and now the review of the Katsuya Matsumura film: This movie is the first in a series and I did not like it that much, but the next two movies, that came in the box set are supposed to be better. I guess I'll watch them, but I can't guarantee it since I don't think I've ever watched every disc that comes in a box set. All Night Long 2: Atrocity and All Night Long 3: The Final Chapter never came out in Japanese theaters, but this first movie did have a theatrical run. The fifth and six movies were straight-to-video and are still not available legitimately in the USA.

"Human beings are garbage" is the theme to this series though it may be more established more-so in the sequels. The first movie reminded me of Kids, but with, you know, murders and stuff. I'd say this movie is probably not so much an accurate view of Japanese teenagers just like Kids was not truly representative of American youth, but journalists like to point at movies and say "this is THE TRUTH, it tells us what the kids of today are going through!!" Yeah right, if all that shit in Kids really mattered the kids of this generation would still be doing it with rubbers, but safe sex is out and everyone is still alive.

I'm sure glad I got this box set wicked cheap, but once again, don't rule out numbers 2 and 3. I'd seen a bootleg tape of Atrocity around and it had some sick shots on the back, though I forget of what. I do believe that it is the tale a boy versus the homosexual gang that sexually abuses him. How strange.

Other movies: I got the rare Sergio Martino film, The Great Alligator on bootleg tape, but it was such a bad copy I could hardly see any of the night time action, which included the climax where the tourists are caught between the alligator and the angry natives. It sure looked like a bloodbath... I think? Everything I saw told me that this hidden gem ought to be available on DVD, but it is not. Fortunately Martino does not kill any animals in this movie, but they do blow up trees with bats in them, though the bats are not actually blown up. Also live animals are thrown into the water, not sure what kind, my tape was too blurry. Funny, the hero character remarks about how that is inhumane. The gator was eating dead animals I'm pretty sure. Any of this stuff is unacceptable if you ask me, but I did not support this movie with any money, keep that in mind. Let's hope that a superior bootleg version of this becomes available or just hope that whomever owns the rights to this one now is pretty far removed from the original producers. Since 1979 the movie has likely changed hands many times.

The Thirsty Dead, that's a great name for movie that is fairly average. Got the DVD from Something Weird Video. I think Cub was pretty into this movie and it had it's moments, like it's one zombie-type scene, but other the other elements are really dated. The cult leader outfits and the primitive jungle get-ups were not as cool as some of the retro fashion you see in older horror cinema. The Blood Island films and Vampire Hookers, also made in the Philippines, are much better. The best scenes in this one were shot in the real jungle versus the bulk of them show on a fake-looking cave set. I'd been waiting a long time to see The Thirsty Dead and I'm not sure why. The title, I guess.

Stuff to see: The Worst Record covers of all time! One from Exploitation Retrospect and one from Pitchfork. I've bought at least two of the records off of the Pitchfork list (Bloodrock and The Kinks) from dollar bins for their covers alone. Silly me, I thought they were two of the best album covers of all time!

I'm in full agreement with Pitchfork on most of the 90's artwork the dismiss. Pretty much anything made in the 90's with low production values does not stand up today. I like just about all the 70's record art shown. My real complaint with the Pitchfork list, too many jokes that give misinformation about the albums. For some of these stories, I want to hear straight versions.


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