Thursday, December 01, 2005

fuck you

I'm really pissed off. The rent is due and I'll never have enough money to pay it on my own. I'd better just pack up my shit and move to the hood. Want to live somewhere nice? Fuck you, you were born too late.

Anyway, here is a preview of the shit I am working on. It should play on it's own. There is no sound.

Victoria (in the bear suit) said she based her moves on Juon: The Grudge and Grizzly. Here are some of her

The other night I had a long phone conversation about the works of Charles Band. I mentioned that his older label, Wizard Video, put out almost all good material including Driller Killer as well as some good Euro-horror. Yes, almost all good stuff with the exception of the movies directed by Tim Kincaid. Breeders (1986) was his best, but was pretty stiff. (Don't confuse it with the unrelated and even worse 1998 Paul Mathews Breeders with the 3-D box.) Mutant Hunt (1987), with it's little Wizard "too gory for the silver screen" emblem, is unwatchable shot on video crap. Worst of all is The Occultist (1987), which never came out on Wizard, but is produced by Charles Band and I found it on DVD on the Full Moon label. This movie is 'bottom ten of all time material'. It is not shot on video, but if it had been, the movie could not be any worse than it already is. There is plenty of gore, yet we have to deal with endless 24-7 voodoo rituals, preppy security agents, and bad fight choreography, that just makes for a shitty package. I don't want to get into details, but one man fights with a morning star with a skull that looks like the Corrosion of Conformity logo on the end of a chain. Also, we've got an agent with a member that turns into a machine gun, and then he zips up his fly with attitude. Stupid to the max and fortunately or unfortunately, depending on what you are looking for, the penis-maching gun shot is from the waist up only, leaving the weapon to the imagination.

Tim Kincaid directs gay porn under the name Joe Gage. For real. The Occultist was not gay though, it's aimed at straight kids.

Long Island Cannibal Massacre directed by Nathan Schiff was a joy and was made back when home made horror had to be shot on film, 1980. It's Super 8 film I believe. The DVD edition looks great and the only thing that separates this amateur movie from b-movies with a budget is that this one has some out of focus shots in it. You don't see that mistake often at the movies. Was my new video shot in sharp deep focus? I hope so, but I have not reviewed all the footage yet. In fact my computer ate the parts I'd edited all ready. Today has been shit from start to finish.


Blogger warrenzone said...

if the video breaks or does not show, please tell me, thanks!


1:01 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

I thought you said it wasn't influenced by asian horror?

If there was sound.. would the sound we heard sound like YIFFING?

2:53 PM  

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