Sunday, December 04, 2005

the straight edge Battle Royale t-shirt. cool or lame?

I don't know, I think that there are too many ordinary Battle Royale t-shirts out there already, thought I was tempted to buy one for Cub. Not this straight edge shirt of course, she would probably die of embarrassment, and besides, she drinks. Me, I'm not tempted to buy an straight edge related paraphernalia at this point, especially while living in the Orange County with it's wack hardcore kids. Shirt available here.

straight edge? In the 90's they would have called this advertising sexist. shit was like a witch hunt back then.

Did anyone else see Battle Royale II? I doubt it. It's more controversial than the first, though not as good. I call it a reverse Saving Private Ryan with the exact opposite message as that movie and also with similar battle scenes including a storming of the beach. I'm not too wild about Saving Private Ryan's message and the way Spielberg shoves it down your throat, however I must say that the lessons Battle Royale II tries to teach are the greater of two evils and this is coming from someone who is generally against George Bush's warmongering. I won't give it away. See Battle Royale II. As far as I know there is no version of this coded for U.S. dvd players and I wonder if their ever will be. It was made in 2003 so it really should have come out here already.

My horror video is almost done. I just need to get some correct spellings for the names in the credits. I've had computer troubles throughout the editing and for the first time have found out what the limitations are when you buy the cheapest computer on the market. I'm going to write a lot more about the filming and what worked and what did not in the near future so I'll stop now. In any case, get ready for something interesting cause I'm going to put it online.

The P.S.A. that I was in part producer on, with the Halloween part and an anti-drunking-doing drugs-and driving message, was shown in a film festival. This could be the only time something I made will run in one of these things. Oh no, I don't intent to submit my little slashers to tons of festivals and pay all of their submission fees. Unfortunately I could not attend this festival since I had to act in someone else's short movie, which is made with some great equipment, so maybe that will be in a festival when it's done. I saw some of the edits and they were top notch. Anyway, the P.S.A. that screened was shot will professional TV equipment, which certainly gave it an edge over the other homemade stuff that was surely submitted. Our set resembled a Halloween party and the piece ended with the characters behind bars and being sized up by a smiling, much bigger, and older, inmate.


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