Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who gives a fuck about Lonleygirl15? also - Renny Harlin's Covenant

Not me, I won't even read the articles about that shit. The creators came clean today. Time to bask in the glory of their "hoax". Even idiots were in on this all along - they just kept on watching cause they have no reason to live.

Maybe I'm just bitter because the sound on my PC won't work.

Sorry, I've been busy, I should be posting more this week.

In the theaters, it was the worst box office weekend of the past 3 years and number one was The Covenant. I saw it, but I was not alone in the theater. The retired Trenchcoat Mafia members of Columbine High School got back together for a reunion in honor of the release of this film. They said that it was probably the best film made since 1996, but had to admit that four male witches using their powers to make an SUV fly was gay. They thought it was really cool how the kids at Spencer Academy could crouch and shoot energy balls like in Mortal Kombat and said that this would have been a way more convenient way to kill their classmates than rounding up guns and ammo and constructing all those homemade bombs. Then they continued on saying that they did not know why the Sons of Ipswich were not gonna wear any cool face paint or carve upside-down crosses into their foreheads. I said "uhhh.. maybe in Covenant 2" and slowly walked away to sit on the far side of the theater near the emergency exit.

Tommorow I'm going to see Idiocracy, the Mike Judge movie that came out September 1st in very limited release. For reasons unknown - seriously no one knows why - Fox did not promote this movie at all.


Blogger Louis Fowler said...

I was very pissed that I had to see The Covenant last weekend instead of Idiocracy. It's non-release make no sense.

8:54 PM  

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