Monday, September 18, 2006

Idiocracy: the movie vs. real life - this movie tells the truths about life, this time I mean it!

I know I say it all the time, most recently about New York Ripper, but this is the movie that tells it like it is when it comes to the world today. We are headed for the Idiocracy and 150 Days of Sodom will bring you there, but at least I fuckin; know I'm doing it!

This movie could have been huge. It has the potential to create a new language - think of the marketing potential in t-shirts alone. Yes, this movie creates a whole world, a horrible world, and a world that is made up of many large elaborate sets, props, and tons of CGI dropped on top of that. It's a big budget film and most people won't see it until the DVD drops. I expect cult success in the future because it is so damn funny. I was almost rolling around on the floor. Funnier than Office Space, the movie I would compare this to in spirit would be Team America, but Idiocracy is far superior.

Everything is ruined for us wannabe film makers. Everything we wanted to satirize or poke fun at has been skewered in Idiocracy in a very heavy-handed way. Even more discrete attempts at subversion in the future will remind audiences how much more brutal a beating the nonsense and stupidity of the world got at the hands of Mike Judge in Idiocracy. Yes, I expect the movie to get recognition as I mentioned above. Mike Judge is a beaten man now - read the Esquire article about how he just wanders around suburban Austin and talk only to the Starbucks barista each day - but perhaps he will have the last laugh. I can't believe it, there was room for this movie at the box office last weekend with The Covenant at number 1, it makes no sense - as everyone and their mother has already commented in this blogging world.

Let me give you some real example of the Idiocracy - a special treat. In between classes at Orange Coast College this week I took in some sights, well I mean I sat down and watched kids auditioning in front of a camera and MTV interns to be on the NEXT! bus. You might have heard about Dr. Drew's scientific studies that are legit and prove reality show TV stars to be the biggest narcissists or our day, well how does that explain why when you put the boys on camera they start talking all G and shit? Ok, so G's do think they are pimpin' or something, but I want to quote the girls. One rather attractive girl rolled her shirt up to expose her midriff during the quick taping. She did her Shakira inspired dance and stated that "even her gay friends say they cream a little when she does it". This line slayed. Motherfuckers were cracking up. "That's a good one, we like that". She is a TV natural. Did the 19 year old girl whose big scandal was the photo of her "twins" being posted around myspace measure up? Sure, why the fuck not?!? Give them shows, record deals, put them in a Robert Altman film. Oscars are on the way!


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