Thursday, September 14, 2006

this generation of hipster (or subculture) girls digs guy-on-guy action - so explains the gayness of The Covenant

I thought I was the only serious horror fan who would see The Covenant. I thought I would be the only blog-writer to bother giving it a review. No, here thehorrorblog and Damaged 2.0 sound off about this movie being gay, and I don't mean "gay" with the word being used in the way that immature Trenchcoat Mafia graduates use it in my review to describe the film's flying SUV. These guys mean "gay" in that the movie is full of homosexual overtones. Yet, locker room shower scene and all, is this film really aimed at homosexuals? Teenage girls watch horror movies too. But then again what about this one scene where the teenage boy villain pins down the teenage boy hero on the bathroom floor? "Are they going to french?" I asked Cub. They did not french, but the villain did give the male lead a kiss on the cheek. Sure this was meant to be a kiss of death, like the sort of thing a mob boss would give to someone on his hit list, but it WAS gay. Why?

Well you know how guys like to see girls with each other? Now the pendulum has swung the other way - that's what we get for years, and I mean many years, of forcing straight women to be lesbians. See one time I was sitting in my place and my roommate had two girls over. They remarked that it would be "hot" if me and him were to make out. This was the first time I'd heard girls say such a thing. It was 2002, the girls I'm speaking were in their early twenties, so ahead of their time, not part of the current teen generation - perhaps role modes for them. Of course he and I would not get sexual together, but I have met guys who have taken the bait. They claim to not be gay themselves... yeah - look, I like my gays loud and proud, not making excuses for their gayness. But anyway, the girls today are hyper-sexual (not afraid to express their desires) and the hipster guys are so girly that maybe going down on one of their guy buddies is not such a stretch for them. There is one problem with my theory. If guy on guy "hotness" is new and cutting edge, then what is it doing in The Covenant, a movie that is very 1996. Observe the music in The Covenant, 90's style industrial metal from a (should be) dead subculture. The fashion in The Covenant? It's pretty preppy and preppy fashion does not change much, but I will say that there is not much new presented here. I guess my theory is full of holes. I just can't see why The Covenant would not be aimed at teenage girls. There can be no doubt it is aimed at teenagers. There lies my logic combined with the fact that there is a gay market for horror, yes, but is it big enough to carry a number one film, no. It would have been commercial suicide.

One other possibility remains, that Renny Harlin (he is straight) or some one else involved with the film had a consciously or unconsciously had a gay influence on the film, like people claimed Bryan Singer did on Superman Returns. I have not heard any speculation on this being the case and I'm willing to rule it out.

Not sure what my next review will be. In between naps and sleep I've been very busy with school work and long commutes, but there are still a number of movies I've seen in the past few weeks that I could comment on. We shall see.


Blogger Patrick said...

Dumb teenaged girls finding boys making out hot, is nothing new at all..

I can come up with personal examples such as yours going back ten years. And I am sure I wasn't the first dude to have a girl say such a thing.

Remember-- People younger than us just say and do the same things over and over..

9:54 PM  
Blogger warrenzone said...

no, years back you knew creepy girls who offered bizarre favors if they could videotape you shaving your legs... sure I shave my legs, but not with an audience.

3:03 AM  

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