Monday, September 25, 2006

Why important people don't give a fuck about us. Us bloggers and movie websites I mean...

This found via thehorrorblog. It's a very interesting post from The Movie Blog about why web critics don't get a hell of a lot of respect. See if you agree with there points. If you don't, check out the millions of comments below the article that offer additional perspectives.

I can speak about the 150 Days of Sodom site and the respect we do and don't get. Well I can speak about ANY site, but when talking about 150 Days of Sodom I might actually know what I'm talking about. I have been rewarded in small ways here with screeners and in a bigger way, with an interview opportunity that some of you might have heard about - Remember? I fucked it up. I have also been rewarded with links and e-mails. Are those really rewards? On a personal level sure, maybe in a professional way they mean very little, but I don't do this for the rewards. I go on record cause I want to be heard. I wonder if I am one of the fans whom I bash regularly? One site called a couple of my rants "a gross abuse of power". See, if I'm a fan then I'm also the anti-fan. As for power, it is there, even without the respect of the suits. Every post I make about carving a glory hole in the local indie theater's men's room puts everything I've built so far at risk, but if you can't post about glory holes than what's the point? It's not a blog anymore. It's not 150 Days of Sodom. It's just boring, faceless writing like you would find in your local college newspaper's Arts and Entertainment section.


Blogger Patrick said...

Blogspot won't let me post an image-- so it's going on the myspace..

ps: The damn 'word' verification is getting more rediculous by the day.

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Blogger Dusk said...

Right on, man. I'd love to come up with something wittier or compelling to add then that, but, that's what came to mind after reading your post. Fist pumped in the air: "Right on, man".

John @

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