Friday, September 01, 2006

"I drink coca-cola for breakfast" - post about me - not too long of a post, well maybe...

I go down twice a week to Orange County for film classes. It's quite a drive. I go before the rush hour traffic starts - through downtown, through long beach, it's pretty far. I thought Fridays at Santa Monica College would be a breeze by comparison, but no. College Algebra? Oh shit.

Funny how things go. In English class we had to introduce classmates, who we were paired up with, to the rest of the class. Kid next to me begins by saying I am vegan - as I have the "vegan" tattooed on my arm. "Do you eat just sprouts?" a girl asked.

"Well I used to eat Chinese food", I say, "but this guy right here told me that at Panda Express they put all the food in a chicken broth base, including the eggplant and tofu". It's true, I had just learned that from my in class partner, a former Panda Express worker. Everyone wanted to know if ever ate animal products and what I told them was "not intentionally". I think that is a fair way to represent vegans. No one is perfect, but today's lesson is that even after ten years of veganism, you can't guess what is vegan and what is not. You gotta ask. I ate Panda Express last week.

Why do I write about movies here? I am ANOTHER VOICE that goes on the record, forever, about the quality of the movies that I review. Sure, I put my two cents in where it don't belong, but I have lots of horror viewing experience and even a little bit of industry and movie-making knowledge. Sometimes I wanna shed light on a movie that has been forgotten or was never noticed. Sometimes I post about a movie that I can find little information about on the internet - everything here is searchable and contributes to any future dialogue about the movie. Other times I have comments on a movie that lots of people are speaking about - perhaps writing about these movies is less crucial, but I try to bring about a point of view that is unique and not represented by anyone else. If I have nothing fresh to bring to the table, I try to keep the review quick cause I don't want to waste anyone's time. Chances are I'm not the first source that comes up when searching for a movie, so google readers will already be familiar with the basics before they get here.

Of course I have my loyal readers who read everything I write. You guys are my favorites and sometimes I write to you and say stuff that would be uninteresting to a random searching reader. This is because you all are more important.

You guys, I am seriously mentally ill and that may have something to do with me hoarding tons of rare horror tapes and DVDs. Ask Cub what she thinks, it is excessive. I have all sorts of rules that no one knows about, rules about collecting and shelving and watching. Don't get me wrong, I don't care about the condition of the tapes. They are all trashed and I only buy shit dirt cheap. It's criminal how little I've paid for my collection, but that is cause I'm obsessive and very eccentric. I'm like a character from a movie and you might be glad you do not know me, though I am friendly in person and talk to strangers if I please.

One recent discovery, an ok horror forum on the internet - hard to believe that one exists. Forum trolls (not using "troll" in the form of the word that means someone instigating or pulling a prank, just saying "trolls" cause these people are probably ugly little fucks) are a fuckin downer. They are so stupid it is best not to expose yourself to them, but, at this place
Toxic Tomb seems devoid of 14 year olds. Make sure you register though, I did not read the fine print and got banned.


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